Unbuilt Honorable Mention

Mount Sinai Doctors Faculty Practice

New York, NY

Dennis Robert, AIA, Leigh Stephenson IIDA, LEED AP, EDAC

The Mount Sinai Doctor’s Faculty Practice repurposes a Depression Era parking garage on East 85th Street into physician office practices. Utilizing an off campus location allows the system to expand availability of services. Creative reuse through thoughtful design will transform this structure into a modern, cost effective solution challenges of current facilities environment. The plan is organized around a simple, compact core to maximize efficiency and future flexibility assist in way finding, and minimize construction costs. The interior design elements feature timeless, durable and neutral finishes. Accents of bold color assist way finding and offer visual interest, aesthetic diversity, and branding for individual tenants. The dynamic color scheme contrasts beautifully with the flood of natural light, elegant lines, and spatial organization of the building’s public areas. Contemporary exterior materials juxtaposed against the existing structure respect the historicity of the grand building while announcing entry.