Retail – Honorable Mention

Southern Pressed Juicery

Greenville, South Carolina

McMillan Pazdan Smith Architecture

Cary Perkins (Architect), Missy Games (Interior Designer)

Gone are the days when southern living was synonymous with strolling through life at a slightly slower pace. These days, we are all pressed for time. Pressed to perform, pressed to succeed, pressing ourselves to do a whole lot more with a lot less time. When we’re feeling the pressure, it’s tempting to look for short cuts that often compromise our health, happiness and wellbeing. But not all short cuts are bad. Southern Pressed Juicery’s owner challenged our design team to create a place that was easy for grab-and-go ordering, but also an environment that encourages people to sit and stay awhile, similar to a coffee shop or your neighbors front porch. Bar seating and lounge areas are equipped with power and WiFi technology. All furniture can be cleared to allow the Juicery to host yoga, educational classes on nutrition and many other events.

The proven benefits of consuming raw fruits and vegetables are numerous. It boosts your immune system and cleanses your body, giving you a lift from the inside out. The menu features original recipe cold pressed juices, salads, energy bowls, made to order smoothies, wraps, etc. and are all made on site from raw natural ingredients.

The material palette of wood, stained concrete, and white tile were selected to reinforce the brand focus on fresh clean simplicity. While bright green countertops and carpet in select areas provide a pop of color and balance information graphics on the floor and walls.

Judges Comments:

“Loved the lighting and floor transition. Design speaks “Pressed Juice Aesthetic,” Natural.”

(Missy Games)