Residential Winner

Wendell Falls Amenity and Discovery Center

Wendell, NC


Project Description:

This expansive modern interpretation of a traditional coastal North Carolina barn provides an upscale amenities center for this residential development.  Drawing heavily upon the vernacular architecture of North Carolina’s farms and tobacco barns, this welcoming new facility houses community meeting spaces, a conference room, administrative offices, café, and fitness center. The design references familiar materials and forms while incorporating a modern sensibility.

With a combination of a porous wood exterior screen wall, metal and glass curtainwall, and rustic stone elements, the Farmhouse blurs the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. Walls dissolve to allow abundant natural light into the space during the day and create a lantern effect at night.

The interior contrasts earthly materials and textures with sleek glass curtainwalls, and luxe finishes. A stone chimney anchors the central space, featuring an indoor/outdoor fireplace intersecting the glass curtain wall. Sliding wood doors, reminiscent of barn doors, create flexible spaces for diverse groups and functions.

Judges Comments:

What a fabulous re-interpretation of the concept to fit a modern lifestyle program. Kudos! (David Stone)

Natural and modern. Eye catching design. (Jane Hallinan)

Coastal barn metaphor is well executed.  Copious amounts of daylight filtered by wood slat sceen wall provides for a pleasant daylit space- Would like to see some night shots. (Michael Dudek)

  • Amazing indoor/outdoor connectivity
  • Fantastic use of materials and color palette
  • Feels contemporary and relevant for Gen X and Millennials

(Royce Epstein)