Residential – Honorable Mention

The Standard

James Island, SC

J. Banks Design Group

Cindy Munn (Designer)

This project included design of the community clubhouse, model home and selections for the pool area for a family-oriented residential community with an urban but relaxed flair indicative of the surrounding neighborhood – “less blockbuster, more indie.” Visibility to green space to connect to the outdoors was a critical component. The community is self-described as “urban but closer to nature.”
To incorporate energy into this clubhouse we created a demo kitchen with Sub-Zero appliances and a variety of spaces to appeal to guests of all ages. Reclaimed wood used throughout was finished on site for an artisan feel and provides a natural element as well as cohesiveness making the entire space feel like one. The open floor plan allowed us to create numerous guest experiences – bar, communal table, banquettes, lounge seating and work pods – are all separate but joined together to provide the urban feel. In the public area there are fun yet functional spaces for the workaholics, private seating options for the romantic, and group seating for the social set. This gives the guests the opportunity to engage while also the opportunity to remain private. The lounge areas also incorporate sleek lines, a focal fireplace and bold geometric patterns that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye. We switched gears in the model home to bring the energy level down for relaxation. Soft and serene grays and blues were used as well as a silver metallic finishes on accent pieces and mirrored sconces to create a luxurious and fresh experience.

Judges Comments:

“Luxury, country, indie, comfort California feel goes well together.”

(Cindy Munn)