A Membership Minute | Q&A on Annual Dues

The timing is terrible- we know! At the end of the year, when you are faced with all the additional costs associated with the holidays, then here comes your 2016 Dues Invoice for IIDA dues. There are some things that you might want to know with regard to paying your dues, so here are some Frequently Asked Questions on the topic.

  1. What happens if I don’t pay my 2016 dues by the end of 2015?  If you did not pay your dues by the end of the year, you will have a grace period to give you a little additional time to pay them before you are dropped from the membership roster.
  2. What does the term “grace period” mean?  The Grace Period begins on February 28, 2016and ends on March 7, 2016. During that time you may be reinstated as a member in good standing by simply paying your 2016 dues. While in the Grace period, you do not have member privileges, but you will still be able to log onto the IIDA’s website to pay your 2016 dues.
  3. When am I officially dropped from the membership roster?  If you have not paid your dues by the end of the grace period, March 7, 2016, your membership will be terminated.
  4. What happens if I can pay may dues later in the year?  If you are terminated during 2016, you can be reinstated just by paying your 2016 dues.
  5. What happens if my membership lapses for longer than 1 year?  You will be required to re-apply for membership and resubmit required documents.
  6. What is the EZ payment plan? Am I eligible?   The EZ payment plan allows you to make monthly payments for your dues. Any Professional, Associate, Affiliate, Educator, or Industry Individual Member will qualify for EZ Pay.
  7. What do I do if I have Membership or dues questions?  Contact your VP of Membership and she will be happy to help you.

Did you know that even though you pay your annual dues to the IIDA Headquarters, the local Chapters receive a portion of this money as a rebate to help with Chapter expenses. We depend on this rebate to provide programs and services for you, our valuable members!

We hope that this answers any questions you might have regarding payment of your Annual Dues. It’s very important to us and to our entire organization to keep all of our members in good standing and we are here to answer your questions or help in any way that we can. Let us know if we can help!


Anita Holland, IIDA

VP Membership



Contact Anita with any IIDA membership related questions.

Professional Interior Designer

2-4 years coursework resulting in an ID degree
2-4 years practice

Professional Architect
4-5 years coursework resulting in an architectural degree
4-6 years practice
ARE Exam

2-4 years coursework resulting in an ID or architectural degree

2-4 years coursework resulting in an ID or architectural degree
Current full-time faculty in an Interior Design program
Per requirement for Professional or Associate membership

Enrolled in an ID or ARCH program

Related field such as landscape architecture, lighting design, architectural photography, etc.

Associate or Professional designers located outside of the IIDA Chapters who are active in the field of Interior Design.

Industry Manufacturers and Dealers
Manufacturers and dealers of Interior Design products such as carpeting, furniture, textiles and wall coverings.