Hospitality – Honorable Mention

Restaurants at 509

Greensboro, NC

CJMW Architecture

Kathleen Warner (Principal-in -Charge), Ashley Coe (Project Manager)

The visionary owner of an empty warehouse building charged the team with helping her plan and design five distinctly different venues – plus office space and a party rental front office – all under one roof. With the Fresh.Local. Good. Food group’s mission right in the company name, the idea of natural and reclaimed/repurposed materials coming from local suppliers was a given.
The largest venue, Four Flocks and a Larder, is upscale with a casual and familiar vibe. Warm neutrals and natural materials (wood, leather, concrete) shine against a dramatic backdrop of color and graphic landscape photograph above the back bar. Clean and fresh, baker & the bean is a comfortable, bright space. Classic café chairs and tables are counterpoised with “egg-beater” light fixtures and a cheeky quote to live by painted on the exposed brick wall. A garage door allows control of access to back of house and to Hush, the members-only speakeasy found behind a reclaimed wooden walk-in freezer door. Lush and intimate, Hush is a place outside of time designed to encourage sharing secrets. Revolution Burger’s bright yet simple interior is designed for easy duplication for this hopeful franchise. The inline retail footprint is designed for efficiency of kitchen staff to guest experience as well as for prototyping the space.
The key to making the plan work is the back of house connectivity – a shared kitchen and a series of linked passageways allow movement between all food venues without crossing over into public spaces.

Judges Comments:

“With height of space, smart use of elements to create more comfortable, intimate zones. Speaks Farm to Table in an urban setting.”

(Kathleen Warner)