Healthcare Winner

Millennium Cancer Treatment Center

Greenville, SC

McMillan Pazdan Smith

Project Description:

Located on an ambulatory campus, the St. Francis Cancer Center houses multi-specialty cancer diagnostics and treatment spaces along with retail, educational, and ancillary support services. Built in the International style on a

high-tech campus, the challenge became to re-interpret the campus’s modern industrial theme into a warm healing environment. Rivercane, a native plant, was a common bio-filter and habitat along rivers prior to agriculture practices.

The idea of establishing a canebrake for the center’s entrance led to the use of  rivercane images as a pattern on the entry tower to reduce glare and decrease solar transmission for energy efficiency. Natural, durable, sustainable materials–wood, stone, glass, concrete– were used to create an inside-outside sensibility. The color palette of neutrals and greens produces a calming effect.  Emphasis was placed on fostering an empowered and comfortable experience for patients and families while supporting a multidisciplinary, collaborative medical team and the latest technologies.

Judges Comments:

While still respecting the modern roots to its surroundings, this solution does indeed inject more natural, soothing, humanistic elements in a well thought-out, cohesive design. (David Stone)

Great use of exterior view/daylight.  Acknowledges agricultural context creatively.  Modernist aesthetic is tempered by use of wood and local natural images. (Michael Dudek)

  • Gorgeous. Sophisticated project
  • Wonderful mix of warm and cool elements – but doesn’t feel harsh/cold/uninviting
  • Nice varied use of materials
  • Clean, organized space – great use of floor to ceiling lighting and glass planes
  • Great features in lighting and materials

(Royce Epstein)