Healthcare Honorable Mention

H. Filmore Mabry Center for Cancer Care

Orangeburg, SC

Stevens & Wilkinson SC, Inc.

The Center was created to provide a healing environment that enhances patient well-being. To accomplish this goal, variation in each of the areas was created by providing spaces with more access to natural light and views to the outside. Additionally, we incorporated finishes that are more comfortable and familiar for patients, while also working to maintain the building’s high-tech design.
The chemotherapy suite utilizes volume and openness, while the spacious work area, with clerestory above, creates a pleasant work environment. The infusion bays and treatment rooms were reduced in scale by lowering the ceiling and providing partial height walls. Inside the Linear Accelerator Vault a soothing focal point in the ceiling was developed for patients to focus on during treatment.

Wood tones were used for the flooring and millwork. Soothing and natural tones, like green and beige were used on the walls along with natural stone.