Healthcare – Honorable Mention

HopeWay Foundation

Charlotte, NC


Kevin Turner, Irene Vogelsong, Lisa Gorman

HopeWay Foundation is a response to the national mental health crisis that permeates our region and diminishes quality of life for all. The challenge was to create a holistic center for psychiatric treatment and wellness in Charlotte.
The new facility was a renovation of an existing 52,000SF school to provide inpatient and outpatient services. It is now a model for care and education – a catalyst for the greater good within our community. As a firm, we were able to provide design services and financial support on this project.
Our assignment was to transform a dilapidated building into a warm, friendly, therapeutic environment in which clients and their families felt supported and respected. We began with a bold design move: replacing the maze of corridors with a clear, rational circulation system. This system created zones for clients to feel comfortable, see daylight, and easily understand the nature of their surroundings throughout their stay.
Additionally, we referenced biophilic design and the circadian cycle in the selection of materials, colors, and textures for every design element within the building. As clients transitioned from one space to the next throughout the day, their surrounding environment adjusted accordingly. Nature elements referenced include stone, bark, driftwood, plants, and water. The design of the lighting system was all to support natural circadian rhythms and worked in tandem with the interior environment.
HopeWay Foundation is a successful result of our deep knowledge of Behavioral Health and well spaces, and has been such a gift to our community.

Judges Comments:

“Meditative space is the champion of this design.”

(Lisa Gorman)