Healthcare Honorable Mention

First Colonial Inn

Virginia Beach, VA

ID Collaborative

Project Description:

The recent renovation of public spaces at First Colonial Inn was driven by the desire to keep residents engaged and create a greater sense of connection in this retirement community.  To accomplish this, the design team opened up walls throughout the public areas, creating transparency and promoting more meaningful interaction.  The receptionist, previously isolated behind a wall, is now readily accessible.  The dining area, crafted into three distinct spaces, empowers residents with more personal choice, and provides functional spaces for a wide variety of activities.  The Formal Dining room invites residents to share an intimate meal, while the Bistro’s display kitchen brings the sights, sounds and smells of cooking into the residents’ world.  Additionally, the Bar serves as the place to watch the big game and the venue for musical entertainment.  These spaces augment opportunities for residents to gather, drawing them out of their rooms and into community with others.

Judges comments:

The attention to details enhances the atmosphere created by this clean, consistent, cohesive design solution.  (David Stone)

Beautiful use of soft textures and tonal colors with just the right amount of accent colors. (Jane Hallinan)   

  • Elegant and refined for a senior living space
  • Has a hospitality feel
  • lIke the use/placement of textile patterns – fabric, rugs, drapery

(Royce Epstein)