Government/Institutional Winner

Metropolitan Library

Charleston, SC

Craig Gaulden Davis

Project Description:

Metropolitan Library occupies a prominent site which was once home to an abandoned church.  This project serves as a cultural hub of information, creating positive community change. In remembrance of the historic church, four granite columns that once supported the church’s façade now anchor the entrance plaza.

Public spaces are organized along a central spine and include meeting rooms, computer areas with expanded digital resources, unique teen and children’s areas, and an outdoor plaza for the neighborhood to enjoy.  The layout maximizes openness and daylighting.

Design features such as high exposed ceilings and expansive glass curtain walls give a modern feel.  Neutral walls are contrasted with vibrant floor patterns.  Colorful and dynamic light fixtures add interest to the soaring ceilings.  A variety of furniture accommodates technology and encourages collaboration.  Public art includes 150 rubber wrapped forms which depict a mapping of the houses along Metropolitan Parkway.

Project is LEED Silver

Judges Comments:

A sensitive approach to history while developing an inspiring, fully new space to service the community and it’s bright future. Creative, clean concise and cohesive. Fabulous! (David Stone)

  • Very well organized and thoughtful space plan, very well communicated
  • Beautiful project, very modern use of materials, lighting, color palette
  • Wonderful bold graphics used appropriately

(Royce Epstein)