Government|Institutional Honorable Mention

The Charleston Catholic Diocese

Charleston, SC


Project Description:

This new Pastoral Center contains 3 structures: a 29,000sf office building, a 7,000sf assembly building, and a 4,000sf Chapel. The client’s vision for the facility embodied a place of peace, serenity, and contemplation while improving capacity for community fellowship. Maximizing natural daylighting, views from every space, and the creation of a timeless and elegant environment were also important goals.

The interior schemes were inspired by the beautiful, natural scenery.  Colors were selected that mimicked the splendor of the marsh tones; blues, greens, rich browns.  The walls were kept white to reflect the natural sunlight cascading through the vast windows.  All furniture styles and upholstery selections were classic and timeless, allowing them to remain relevant for years to come.

The chapel was designed to be a peaceful and serene place for procession, prayer, worship and reflection.  The interior was calm and understated; with views through the windows flanking the altar as the focus.

As with the chapel, a quiet, timeless and elegant space was the design inspiration for the office and assembly space building.  The assembly space features custom, oversized lantern fixtures created with materials of bronze and seeded glass.

The Client has had countless events and brought in many visitors to experience the beautiful setting.  It truly has met the vision set forth by the client at the inception of the project.


Judges Comments:

Peace. Serenity. Contemplation. The design solution perfectly matches the project goals. (David Stone)

Embraces views to the outside and brings in the warm neutral tones of the area.  (Jane Hallinan)

Elegant traditional interior.  Serene color scheme fitting of the context and function. (Michael Dudek)

  • Did a great job putting project in context
  • Beautiful and well executed project
  • Example of how transitional design can look more contemporary and less traditional
  • Sophisticated warm neutral palette
  • Rich materials palette with wood, stone, carpet – lovely

(Royce Epstein)