Government / Institutional Honorable Mention

Student Center Renovation

Elon, NC

LAMBERT Architecture + Interiors
Elon University, Optima Engineering, Kirkland Inc.

This renovation was programmed to promote greater use of the student center and foster collaboration among student groups. It includes shared offices, flexible spaces for small and large group meetings, and a multi-function kitchen. A variety of movable tables, chairs and lounge seating groupings are available to accommodate various meeting styles. Glass-front offices are distributed around the space.

Design focal points include a large oval form in the ceiling. This area highlights a large glass markerboard in the University’s gold, with the logo backpainted on the glass. Intersecting this feature is a “wave” ceiling in burgundy, another school color, extending into the hallway, which beckons students to enter and participate. Enclosed spaces have large scale monitors for student connectivity. The kitchen’s full slate of appliances enables groups to prepare and share meals during collaboration sessions. Large scale circular light fixtures create movement and an exciting space for inspiring ideas.