Furniture Installation – Winner

Local Government Federal Credit Union

Raleigh, NC

PMC Commercial Interiors

Project Team: Mendy Woods, Yvette Coppedge, Michelle Eckhart, Erin Allen, Alissa Denbo

The design for the Local Government Federal Credit Union’s new home in Raleigh, North Carolina needed to reflect a forward-thinking financial, technological and community based culture that epitomizes the company’s mission. The four story, 100,000 square foot building was transformed into a warm and welcoming space that instantly engages members as they walk through the doors with it’s comfortable furniture, innovative technology and transparency of glass throughout the space. The furniture for the space was carefully selected to promote the modern and collaborative concept of “projecting forward.” In public zones, the furniture emulates qualities of home and comfort with a contemporary touch. The lobby features various vignettes including a living room setting and a bar height “kitchen” island with stools to make members feel more at ease. The offices zones are designed to support a variety of work styles. Workstations are based on a kit of parts so that different departments can arrange components to become more focused or more collaborative. Both open and enclosed meeting areas are dispersed through out the office environment with furniture that provides a variety of posture choices, privacy levels and access to technology to further engage employees. The fourth floor boasts an executive suite that maintains the same look and feel but takes the concept a notch higher with a more executive and luxurious selection of furnishings and finishes. The overall fabric and finishes choices for the furniture further reflect the brand and culture of the company. Sleek whites, warm wood tones and pops of color resonate the company’s identity and make the space a dynamic environment that promises to keep members ahead of the curve.

Judges Comments:

“Furniture layout & scale works well within height & size of space. Furniture’s collaborative color clusters work well against the neutrality of the space.”

(Kate Smith)