Corporate Small – Winner

New Belgium East Coast Brewery

Charlotte, NC


Irene Vogelsong,  Missy Kutner, Kevin Turner, David Harrison

New Belgium Brewery wanted a workplace that was highly sustainable, open, collaborative, transparent, active, and represented their industrial craft culture. The design of their office space takes advantage of its location on the French Broad by providing ribbon windows and access to the outdoors via balconies from its community spaces.

The two floors of NBB’s work area combine open office, collaboration, visitor offices, touchdown stations, kitchen, lounge, and dining areas. Team rooms are grouped together to form a backdrop to the open workspace with uninterrupted views. Height adjustable workstations, an open-air stair, one enclosed stair, and a two-story slide provide many alternate ways to move vertically without using the building’s elevators, promoting active design.

Re-purposed building materials are inter-twined into the design of the NBB workplace. The teaming bar was clad in reclaimed corrugated metal from the original site structures. Wood elements throughout, such as ceilings, wall surfaces, millwork, and counters at workstations are made entirely of wood harvested from the original cattle fencing and buildings on the site.

New Belgium Brewery was also committed to supporting local artists in the Asheville area. The design team was tasked with providing a “blank canvas” for the interpretation of the NBB brand through commissioned pieces. The space will organically and artistically evolves as their brand is layered throughout the space over time.

New Belgium Brewery has become one of the most enjoyed new spaces in the River Arts District, both by employees who work there and visitors from all over the world.

Judges Comments:

“Overall presentation and narrative were clear and on the mark for conveying a message of sustainability and the local community.”

(Lisa Gorman)