Corporate Small Honorable Mention

Charlotte Chamber of Commerce Headquarters

Charlotte, NC


Project Description:

To better present themselves as “Charlotte’s front door” and to offer “a world-class welcome”, the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce chose to update their presence in their existing building due to its prominent location.

Thanks to full-height glass that wraps around the Chamber’s new street-level space, passersby can clearly see the events that take place in the renovated 20,000-square foot environment. The modern space is also suffused with daylight, clean lines, and interactive settings. It offers textures that create an interplay between refined and rough.

It’s a space where residents are welcomed and can establish ties to the Charlotte business community.


Judges Comments:

Vibrant. Bustling. Energizing. Interactive. All qualities that illustrate the solution for this space.  (David Stone)

White structure/open plenum really brighten space.  Crisp and clean corporate office (Michael Dudek)

  • Great use of color/patterning/materials
  • Great use of lighting – creative and fun
  • Sophisticated project

(Royce Epstein)