Corporate Small – Honorable Mention

JE Dunn

Charlotte, NC


Scott MacMeekin; Ryan Olson; Holly Christian; Jim Collins; John Gaulden

Project Description:

Built upon the idea “We are Builders,” JE Dunn’s new home embodies a workshop through its hand-made elements, its openness, and its emphasis on collegiality. With its 100 percent open layout, the office is a 180 turn from their old one, transforming the way they work.

Unable to find 10,000 contiguous square feet outside of the central business district, JE Dunn selected two adjacent suites in a new building just south of Uptown Raleigh as their new home.

The solution devised to link the two suites are operable walls that provide the flexibility to open or close the adjoining spaces. Consistency in materiality, with a strong emphasis on wood and metal, and custom elements, such as sliding steel doors fabricated on site, also helps stitch together the two sides of the space.

Sharply contrasting their previous home, JE Dunn’s new office highlights their vibrant personalities through inviting communal spaces and spontaneous elements of fun. The living room’s collection of sofas and lounge chairs, arcade games, bar, ping-pong table, and built-on-site red cedar ceiling create a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for informal meetings and hosting clients.

By giving its employees a more functional and appealing workplace, JE Dunn has enticed more of their people to work in the office instead of the field. In fact, the organization has nearly tripled their space utilization in their new home. Thus, the construction company’s Charlotte office now stands as a testament to the benefits of enhancing the experiential aspects of work.

Judges Comments:

“Love the material choice, use and placement. Incorporation of the truss throughout is a strong feature.”

(Holly Christian)