Corporate Large Winner

Capital One West Creek

Richmond, VA


Project Description:

Capital One is disrupting the financial industry and transforming themselves. The 8,000 Associates at their West Creek campus no longer work the same way and needed a workplace that supports agile work processes, changing technology, and reflects their brand.

Through immersive design, the team created a workplace strategy for a campus-wide renovation to better support evolving work styles. The major design goals were:

 Establishing balance of spaces to connect AND disconnect.

High-energy group-work areas are punctuated with a variety of enclosed, semi-enclosed, and open spaces where people work.

Fluid and flexible space to support an agile work process.

A variety of spaces were designed including open flex “Meet-Ups” within neighborhoods and “The Hub” which is centrally located. Choice of flex spaces, furniture variety, plug-and-play technology and spaces user can reconfigure were provided.

Transparency to foster connections. 

The central four-story stairwell was enlarged, creating a light-filled atrium that increases connectivity.

Judges Comments:

Transparency, fluidity, balance … The primary goals of the brief shine forth in the plan, materials, color and solid vs. open design elements. Spot on intrepretation. (David Stone)

Very techie for a financial institution but still has a level of refinement that does not make a button down shirt seem out of place. Seperation of circulation/public interaction spaces from desk work areas provides a logical break in the environment.  Limited use of wood is helpful to soften minimally finished space. (Michael Dudek)

  • Excellent all the way around
  • Sophisticated yet fun – captured program well
  • Great use of materials, scaled things to humansize – pillows, stools, etc.

(Royce Epstein)\