Corporate Large – Winner

Reynolds American, Inc.

Winston Salem, NC


(Client Manager) Ruth Cline, (Lead Designer) Cami Calhoun, (Design Director) Jim Thompson, (Job Captain) Doug Broome, (Project Managers) Rebecca Sistruck & Brittany Valle, (Architect) Glenn Berry, (Engineering) Brad Bumgarner, Ralph Ferrell, Jess Bianchi

When Reynolds American Inc. (RAI) decided to renovate their corporate headquarters in Winston Salem, NC, they were seeking a transformation in how they work, collaborate and enhance employee well-being.

Towards this, the design team opened up the workspaces, created clusters of seating areas allowing for more flow of movement. Artifacts connected to the work group provided a level of identity for the associates and helped to a neighborhood feel. Drawing inspiration from agriculture, the carpet is reminiscent of crop rows and gives a sense of place and direction throughout the space. Texture was added to the space and much of it is created with materials that have historical significance; reclaimed wood from old buildings owned by RAI companies and old tobacco barrels were repurposed into new modern furniture in the meeting/collaboration spaces.

Designers used color to give each floor its unique personality and used the idea of the circle, harkening back to the now retired iconic smoke stacks outside, as a consistent design theme. Glass has been added throughout, creating transparency and access to natural light. The “urban loft” result is modern, engaging and rooted in the company’s impressive heritage.

To address well-being for employees, there are walking desks, quiet rooms, sit/stand desks at every workspace and resources placed strategically to encourage movement throughout the day.

Feedback from occupants of the renovated spaces has been overwhelmingly positive, validating that the transformation has had a positive impact on the employee experience.

Judges Comments:

“Successful integration of graphics and architecture. Balance of new elements and exposed ceilings provides personality within spaces.”

(Ruth Cline)