Corporate Large Honorable Mention

Bayer Crop Science Headquarters

Research Triangle Park, NC


Project Description:

The renovation of Bayer Crop Science’s North American headquarters does more than provide additional workspace—it integrates Bayer’s culture and values into the design and rethinks their workplace strategy.

The project consolidates operations that were previously spread across multiple facilities. The expanded headquarters not only brings formerly scattered groups into a single, modernized facility, but fosters collaborative, thoughtful leadership, and transformational research.

The renovated interior includes a variety of spaces to accommodate differing work styles. It includes multiple amenity and meeting areas to create a space that is both efficient and enjoyable. The aging building has been renovated to provide well-integrated office, conference, amenity, and collaborative space to over 700 employees.

An exciting loading dock has been transformed into a recreation deck and interior connecting space. The exterior was also given a more modern color scheme, and landscape re-imagined to incorporate site walls and pathways that reinforce the increased connectivity.


Judges Comments:

The use of “raw” wood with clean white space intertwined with the use of the corporate logo create an end result that cleary conveys the company’s culture and values. (David Stone)

Consistent, unified colors and textures throughout, unique use of existing elements. (Jane Hallinan)     

  • Very sophisticated
  • Love the balance btw natural/synthetic (wood vs white)
  • Monochromatic but striking!
  • Great use of materials

(Royce Epstein)