Corporate Honorable Mention

NASCAR Digital Media Group

Charlotte, NC

Holly Christian, Whitley Wood, John Gaulden

NASCAR needing a catalyst to re-energize their existing die-hard fan base, engage a new generation of fans, and continue to build their brand, turned to digital media to do it. Their decision to create a new internal digital media group, after previously outsourcing its digital media communications, created a shift in its culture. This shift fostered a new non-hierarchical Atmosphere encouraging fast collaboration and interaction across the entire space allowing content to go from idea to implementation within minutes. The image the client wanted this space to project was similar to the sport itself… fun, fast, exciting and passionate. People entering the space are not to be ‘wowed’ by expense, but by the activity and atmosphere. Utilizing sustainable best practices, LED fixtures and up-lighting were used with highly reflective open ceilings, allowing greater fixture spacing which reduced the lighting power density throughout the space by approximately 40%. Exposed architectural elements created a unique design while saving material. Over 35% of the flooring and nearly 50% of ceiling materials were reduced by exposing the existing structure. Wood feature walls throughout the space utilized reclaimed white oak from local barns in North Carolina.