Best in Show Winner

Charlotte City Center Partners

Charlotte, NC


Project Description:

Charlotte Center City Partners envisioned their new home as a living room to the city; a space to welcome and engage city and business leaders, planners and guests that are deeply involved in creating vital, livable communities. The space needed to be as inspiring, welcoming and hospitable as the southern city it serves, by invoking a feeling that visitors are stepping directly off a bustling, urban pedestrian streetscape in spite of its 16th floor tower location.  Ultimately, this “living room” serves as a catalyst for community growth with a story to tell that’s as unique as the people and place it promotes.

The design team began by focusing on what happens as soon as you step off the elevator.  Instead of just getting off at the 16th floor of the tower,  they wanted it to feel as if you’re stepping onto “16th Street”, a vibrant pedestrian streetscape where the first thing you see is the “Shop window”, staged with rich and experiential artifacts of the city,  of Charlotte Center City Partners and beyond all the way to the exterior landscape.  This transparency creates a welcoming vibe while giving a glimpse into the thriving city business.

The design celebrates its location in a historic building by not hiding the patina, or history, of the space.

Judges Comments: 

Well thought-out concept clearly informs every design decision resulting in a cohesive solution that simple “works!” (David Stone)

Well thought out from floor to ceiling – a total package of an environment. (Jane Hallinan)                                                                                                             

Interesting conceptual approach.  Appreciate the conceptual diagrams and analysis of context. Also like the material references to city history-nice touch. (Michael Dudek)

  • Astounding! Beautiful and well done!
  • Met the design brief goals very well
  • Storytelling comes alive on this project, creating relevance for client and community
  • The space truly captures the heart of the city
  • Very sophisticated use of materials, patterning, furnishings
  • HOME RUN! Lovely project all the way around

(Royce Epstein)