IIDA Carolinas Chapter Members, Benefactors, and Industry Friends;

It is an exciting time to be in the design industry in the Carolinas and we are thrilled to share our passion for great design, a strong community, and a high standard of education with you. The Carolinas Chapter is committed to continuing our promotion of design excellence by making a big change in our design awards ceremony, DesignWorks, and hosting this event annually.  This shift came from the great momentum we have on our Board of Directors, the valued voice of our members, and the record number of project entries in our 2016 DesignWorks competition. We are excited to announce that our next DesignWorks will be held in the Spring of 2017 and we hope to see you there at our host city center, Triad. Our strong bond in the design industry is unmatched and the Carolinas Chapter has great plans to continue the promotion of this community support. Our 65 events held annually in across the Carolinas keep us constantly connected to one another in a time where it is easy to take for granted the benefit of networking in person instead of behind a screen. Our events are social, philanthropic, and educational, but most importantly they promote great design in the Carolinas by facilitating knowledge sharing, advocating for design advocacy, and elevating for the profession. The Carolinas Chapter, with the unwavering support of our annual Chapter Benefactors, is able to offer first time benefits to our Associate Members in 2016 – a NCIDQ prep course free of charge. In addition to our average of 20 CEU presentations every year we are now able to invest in our young professionals in a tremendously impactful way by providing the means to successfully sit for the NCIDQ exam. This step, along with our continual involvement in three university campus centers and countless other interior design programs, is setting the bar high for design standards across the Carolinas. We hope you’ll  join the momentum and be a part of our IIDA Carolinas Chapter community.


Respectfully Yours,


Elisa Walker, IIDA
IIDA Carolinas Chapter President 2016-17


Past Presidents of the IIDA Carolinas Chapter

Michael Cushwa, IIDA 1995-1997

Cecelia “Sam” Freeman, IIDA 1998-1999

Linda Higgins, IIDA, LEED AP 1999-2000

Sharon Woudstra, IIDA 2000-2001

Kitty Musard, IIDA 2001-2002

Nina Arboscello, IIDA 2002-2003

Ruth Cline, IIDA, LEED AP BD+C 2003-2004

Jeannine Rogers, IIDA 2004-2005

Lori Coates, IIDA, LEED AP, EDAC 2005-2006

Tiffany McElroy, IIDA 2006-2007

Gail Cole, IIDA 2007-2008

Bette Boone, IIDA LEED AP 2008-2009

Lisa Kerr Lyles, IIDA, LEED AP 2009-2010

Beth Johnson, IIDA, LEED AP 2010-2011

Kristin Maier, IIDA, LEED AP 2011-2012

Candice Carter, IIDA 2012-2013

AJK Headshot

Andrea Kuhfuss, IIDA 2013-2014

KBH IMAGE_FINAL BWKristin Hollingsworth, IIDA 2014-2015

scott1Scott MacMeekin, IIDA, LEED AP BD+C 2015-2016

Elisa Walker, IIDA 2016-2017